There are several ways to use our Bath Bombs. They are full of natural oils & butters to keep your body soft, epsom salt to help soothe and 100mg of CBD to relax your body.

1. Tight Muscles

Long day at work? Tough workout?  Chasing kids around the house?       Toss one of our Bath Bombs into a warm bath. Sit and relax for at least 20mins.

2. Sore Feet

Wearing high heels all day? Ran outside? Standing up all day? Don’t worry we have the perfect solution. Toss one of bath bombs into a tub of water and soak your feet.

3. Need a pedicure

Before doing a pedicure, throw a bath bomb into a tub of water and relax those toes.

4. Give them as a gift

Looking for a gift item. Our bath bombs are the per