CBD Bath & Beauty Products making waves in 2020

CBD has been making lots of noise as a holistic healing supplement and as an additive to foods and beverages. But there’s another application for THC’s non-psychoactive cousin that’s also been blowing up in recent months – CBD Skincare & Bathcare.

Things are different now that celebrities like Kim Kardashian, one of the most influential women in the U.S., threw a CBD-themed baby shower. Flower Power Calming Bath Salts – OilivingLife


Topical creams and other CBD-based products have been available in many states and recently legal nationally in Canada and the U.S. Usually these creams and other topicals are used to help with pain, but with skincare, CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties are being highlighted.

Now, topicals are aimed at reducing puffy eyes. Other products, like CBD-infused lip balm, helps heal and protect your lips from the dangers of everyday life. CBD bath salts and bath bombs combine the calming effects of CBD with the therapeutic effects of a traditional bath balm and help get reduce aches and pains that can build up throughout the week. One question remains: will CBD-infused skincare get you high? The answer is no. CBD is only one of 100+ compounds found in cannabis, and it’s most present in hemp plants. It’s a different substance than THC, which is the component in cannabis that causes users to feel a euphoric “high.”